In today's competitive economy, an updated Business Website and Brand is an essential tool for your company's future growth.
Here's what I can do for you...

Reddingstone is my Branding and Web Design Studio.
My team and I provide Brand/Logo Design, Content Marketing
and Web Communications for small and medium size business.

Creative Director and Designer Ken Cookson has over 20 years experience formulating innovative solutions 
that have captured the imagination of his client’s target audiences.

Let me show you what my team can do for you. Call Ken Cookson today: (778)991-7102

We're Creative
We design websites for business

Your brand is your identity, a vital tool that should be designed by a professional who can articulate your message into a compelling web design.
As a Creative Director and Designer, I see the importance of a cohesive communications package, one that’s planned and executed to hit the mark.
Some examples of my latest work are here for you to review.

Content Marketing
We develop strategic content to serve your company's SEO

Reddingstone is a interactive marketing services studio that serves companies in Vancouver and Victoria. We create genuine and lasting relationships for our client’s target audience and customers using social media, email and online media. Reddingstone Designer/Creative Director Ken Cookson and his interactive team, audits, analyses and develops strategic content to help your company achieve top SEO.

“We can’t stress enough that SEO is a hugely competitive component as companies just like yours are also vying for the top positions. Thoughtful and carefully structured Content Marketing helps drive traffic to your site and see the top rankings as a side effect. Instead of trying to trick the search engines into thinking your website is important enough to rank well, we make your website important so your site will rank well.”

We're Innovative
and Problem Solvers

In visual communications, the mark of a successful designer is evident. At Reddingstone, we set our clients apart from their competition, giving them an edge and making an impression. Our ability to articulate a client needs helps to formulate innovative solutions, reinforce the meaning of the message and capture the imagination of their target audience.

We're Professional
You can trust us to manage your marketing and communications

Your brand is your identity, a vital tool that should be designed by a professional who can articulate your message into a compelling visual presentation. Our Vancouver and Victoria clients trust in our ability to manage their brand by employing the latest marketing communication channels.

Our Skill
Marketing and Communications

Reddingstone designers have years of experience in web and print marketing communications, in that we are able develop that perfect design thread that ties the strategy together. Our Vancouver and Victoria clients understand the importance of a cohesive communications strategy, one that’s planned and executed to hit the mark.

We build effective web and brand communications for companies throughout Vancouver and Victoria by developing strong brands with calculated design, targeted content marketing and SEO, all specific to their business objectives.

Social Media and SEO


Web & Mobile Design


Brand/Identity/Logo Design


Content Marketing


Take a Look at
Some of Our Work

Ken Cookson and the Reddingstone team designs web communications, brand design and content marketing solutions for industry leaders in Vancouver and Victoria.
In these competitive markets, that means we have to be on top of our game for each project we take on.
I’ve put together a selection of our successful digital responsive web designs and branding projects for your viewing pleasure.

  • Rational
  • JLG
  • Drillwell
  • Cresta
  • Bulembu
  • Brabeia
  • Bill
  • Display
  • Dick650X500
  • Paypal
  • SBW
  • Knapp
  • Emery2
  • Sun
  • GNG
  • Chow
  • Brunnell
  • Firts650X500
  • standard
  • K2650X500
  • Rad650X500
  • Net650X500
  • jpl650x500

What People
Say About Us

Ken and the team at Reddingstone delivered just exactly what we wanted.


We contacted Ken regarding our need for an updated and easy to maintain website. We were treated respectfully and in a very professional manner. Reddingstone took us from a monochromatic website to a bright, easy, modern site showcasing our works. The training and materials were tailored to our IT abilities.
We would recommend the group for any level of website needs.


Ken and his team at Reddingstone Design recently designed and built a new web site for us. I found that Ken listened carefully and took the time to understand the look, message and functionality that we were after. His creativity and design concepts were excellent. They followed through very well to create a clean, functional, responsive web site that we are very happy with. I would definitely engage Reddinstone again. Thank you Ken, Chris and Chris.


Take a Look at
Some of Our Brand Designs

We have a strong interpretive style when it comes to creating a brand identity. The logo’s we create are bold, impactful, authoritative and designed to reflect your comany’s core genious. We can audit your current brand and see if there is maybe a better way, just call us today at 778-991-7102     


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